Janneke Leask – DoubleMoon

When thinking about Magoebaskloof, one thinks sub-tropical, beautiful valleys, rivers, forests, views and hills. Thats it. One knows about the hills, but one can’t really imagine the hills we ended up hiking and cycling. They. Were. Girthy! 
We started with a short 4km trek, it’s a fast start when it starts with 4km on foot. Just outside Magoebaskloof hotel, we had a nice hilly hiking trail for our first few CPs. Returning to the hotel for our first transition, we set off on a short mtb leg on some nice forestry roads to the Ebenezer dam for a 19 km paddle. It was on this cycling leg that I started my 196km of suffering. I suppose we all have our turn, but I would’ve liked to choose a race with fewer hills for my sufferfest-day. My hills were even girthier…
We had a good paddle and chose to portage over a hill, missing a few extra paddling kilometers. This worked like a charm, and we managed to make up a few minutes on the team ahead. 
Finishing our paddle we set off on another short cycling leg taking us to a 20km hike around the Iron Crown area. This hike started with a little canopy tour over a stream and a scramble up on the other side. Putting me in heaven-finding ourselves surrounded by avo trees, full of avos. We hiked up a beautiful pass and managed to miss a stretch where fallen trees were slowing some of the other teams down. We were quite relieved after hearing all the stories! 
Next transition was in Haernetsburg at the town hall, where new maps showed us what our next long cycling leg looked like. 40km of mtbing lay ahead. This leg had a hill that went up and up and up and up and just when you thought there can’t be any more room for it to go up. It goes up. The girth I was talking about.
We were rewarded with an incredible downhill down to the next transition where we started my favourite leg. 
The Magoebaskloof hiking trail. We managed to do the first 45 min in daylight and it was beautiful! Even though the rest of the hike was in the dark, one could imagine how incredibly beautiful it all is. Crossing over the fast flowing stream every now and then and having fresh, cold water whenever we wanted. This circular route took us back to the same transition to start off the last mtb leg.
We finished our Double moon at 8:30am after 25.5 hours of racing. With lots learned and a lot to work on. 
It’s always such an honour to race as a Jabberwocker with my legend team mates and even though I was the weakest link by far on this race, they never said a mean word and just pulled me along. Machines! 
Special thanks to our sponsors: Keyhealth, Nevarest, Toyota,  inov8, Rockets. Also to our incredible support and photographers! 
Congrats to the Red Ants for winning this race.