Greg Avierinos – The Grind #1701


This weekend saw the first grind OCR of 2017 and it was awesome!! This was their 3rd event a was definitely there best one yet. 

The race was 5 km long with +-30 obstacles, it was fast with very little margin for error… 

The race started out fast with us running into obstacles after only 100m, it carried on like that for most of the race which was awesome!! Managed to overtake Chad and take an early lead after the rope climb but had Tervor and Chad hot on my hills!! Next we had a hoist, some wading through dams and over floating tubes. After about 2km I was running joint 1st and 2nd, we reached our first carry and then our 2nd carry. The second one was quite interesting with us having to either climb over, go under or through wooden walls. The catch was we weren’t allowed to drop our bags! So it was up over the wall and making sure you don’t drop the sand bag… On the 2nd wall climb I managed to drop my bag… Twice! This set me back and dropped me down into 3rd place. From there it was push hard to try make up lost time, this is considerably harder than losing the time incase you didn’t know 😉 

I remained in 3rd just behind Chad until entering the race venue where some tougher obstacles awaited us, overtaking Chad on the hanging pipes I now tried chasing down Tervor on the tire pull, but damn that thing was heavy!! Not making too much progress he remained just over a minute ahead of me and with 3 obstacles left my chances weren’t looking very good… Then it came, my nemesis for the day. It was a 80m carry where we had to hold a water filled PVC pipe above our head while we walked as well as cross a 9m balancing beam. When I got there Trevor was just about at the balancing beam, when I got half way I looked down and saw that he was actually stuck there, trying different lanes, I thought this might be me chance but to no avail, as I was approaching he got it right and was through off to the finish. I in the mean time was stuck there for what felt like eternity trying over and over but struggling to keep my arms locked out overhead and having to restart a few times eventually after a useful tip from Trevor I was through and off to finish in 2nd place. 

Was a tough 5km thats for sure but was an awesome race and great to be able to go down to race in the Cape! 

Would just like to thank all the sponsors of the team for making this possible! #nevarestteam #inov8sa #completephysio #yancycamp #keyhealth #toyotasa #rockets #ryderseyewear

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