Get out there, enjoy the mountains.

Education does not always have to happen within the classroom, and a group of students at Midstream College had a wonderful time last weekend learning just that.
With their teacher, who is our very own Nevarest Team athlete Malcolm Dunkeld, the group of 101 mountain novices took off into the steep slopes of the Northern Drakensberg for two nights of adventuring.
They experienced the Tugela Falls, (second highest waterfall in the world), including jumping into the freezing cold pool which certainly created some great memories.
“This always makes for a laugh, and it provided some special views over the clouds,” said Malcolm, saying this area is his favourite place to hike.
They summited Mont-aux-Sources (3,284m), and the large size of the group was a challenge in itself, but all the risks were managed perfectly.
“The weather was good, with sub-zero temperatures at night but stunning otherwise… and we had lots of First Ascent gear to keep the kids warm.”
Malcolm has been a registered mountain guide for seven years, and he balances the success of his trips on how much fun his group has.
“An easy way to gauge this is to look at profile photos and see if they have used one from this trip,” he said, adding that many snaps had been shared from this trip.
Malcolm was very proud of his group, and encouraged anyone to give the mountains a go.
“Mountains are a special place. Whether you are enjoying them at speed or at a gradual hike, they offer the most spectacular vistas and opportunities to reflect, relax and be challenged. Get out there and enjoy.”