Chrissie Viljoen – Red Barn Family day 21km race report

The race started in cool, overcast
weather, perfect for running.
I decided to run the first 10km a bit harder than usual and then take the rest as it comes.

On Human rights day, I did my furthest run ever, a 30km training run in a quite heavy week of training. So I knew the legs might not be great.

The first 10km went very well, until me and one other runner took a detour from the course somehow. When we got back on track, a few people passed us. I could see my husband in the distance and decided to run with him.

The course wasn’t too challenging, with some nice winding singletrack through the forest and beautiful scenery in the form of hundreds of purple wild flowers.

At the last water-point I met up with a friend, Yolande Speedy, we both raced pro for the MTN cycling team back in the days.
We ran the last 7km’s catching up on what the other has been doing the past year or so.
We crossed the line together a bit under two hours.