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Nevarest takes on multiple events at multiple locations and gets multiple podiums

When you have the talent that we have, getting all your athletes to one event simply isn’t good enough. This weekend saw multiple races, in numerous different disciplines, happen all over the country, with the Nevarest Team showing up to

Race Report: Louis Smit – Multiply Adventure Challenge

The Multiply Adventure Challenge was something entirely different than what I am used to seeing at most OCR events. It was a 3.5km course almost the same as last year but this year we had some really tough carries or

Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #6

This event was one of my biggest OCR highlights in my career so far and a major mental shift, a major step up from where I have been. The build-up to Warrior 6 was good for once, I didn’t over

Nevarest delivers big time at Warrior #6

After the pains of an incredibly gruelling A1 Cyanosis adventure race, Nevarest set their sights on the sixth race in the Warrior series. Greg sat out due to his lingering injury, so Louis and Michael took the reigns in the Black

Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #5 [SA Champs]

The Warrior Race definitely exceeded all my expectations and I just want to congratulate Frits Pienaar, Hennie Scheeper, JP Nortje and the rest of the Warrior team for putting on an exceptional event, of high quality, drama and most importantly

Race Report: Louis Smit – Actionman #2

Another OCR race in SA has come to my attention and that is the Actionman, first time doing this fairly new event and it was way tougher than expected. I entered for the 10km Elite race and also got an