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Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Warrior #3

After a busy few weeks of racing from multi day trails runs to 120km Adventure races it was good to be back at Warrior! Although racing does get some good miles on the legs its not always the best for

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – 3 Cranes

3 Cranes, 3 Days, 3 Inov8’s and way too many k’s and supplements later I was a rather broken but very happy chappie! This was my first proper stage race and wow, what a race to start with! From arriving

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Warrior #2

This was my first Warrior for 2018 after missing Warrior 1 due to illness and man was it awesome to be back! Building up to the race we had a cool road trip with Michael, Carla and Tumi in my

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Fearsome Four | Eden Extreme 21km 21km

I used this race as a training race for the up and coming 3 Cranes Trail run, with that being said I had to get the legs tired and Saturdays long run did just that!! I believe that to a

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Goat Race (2 Day Trail Run)

So this weekend made for some proper Trail Running!! Went to the Crystal Springs Mountain Lodge for the TrailAdventure Goat race. Upon hearing that X ComradesMarathon winner, Gift Kelehe was going to be there I knew it was going to be a tough race!! Fast, Technical and Mountainous

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Trail Adventure Canoe Triathlon

Had some hectic racing yesterday at the TrailAdventure Canoe TriAthlons and probably one of my closest finishes in a long time!! So after the first 9km paddle I was about 7/8min behind the leader, who I didn’t know then but is one