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Race report: Jaco Lourens – #Warrior8

Inov8 Trail Talons: Amazing shoes, Great for technical and obstacle running, not the best for mud grip.   As an AR Athlete I was asked to enter the Team short sprint Race at Warrior because the keyhealth Nevarest Team lost

Race Report: Ruan van der Merwe – Kinetic Sprint

So since my normal racing partner decided to go for a nice 100km jog somewhere in Cape Town, I was stuck having to race with teammate Greg Avierinos as Nevarest Jabberwock. Knowing I had 2 months of solid loafing training

Race Report: Yolande Speedy & Cobus van Zyl – Kinetic Sprint

Yesterday I teamed up with Cobus Van Zyl racing for Nevarest Jabberwock in my first Kinetic Sprint Adventure Race. The race which was sure to be super intense and quick took place at Riversands Farm, a great venue for an

Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Kinetic 25Km sprint race and series

The final Kinetic sprint series race took place at Riversands Farm on the outskirts of Johannesburg. This was the final race of the four-event series and it was a hotly contested race as well. Team Keyhealth Nevarest and team Keyhealth

Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior 8

Warrior 8 was the event of the year! A tough race with a super tough field of runners. Riversands is a fairly flat run with some of the most intense obstacles. The mud monster was a real challenger in this

Race Report: Joshua de Jager – Warrior 8

The race started at a quick pace that I was able to stick with. The first few hills took their toll on me but I then found my pace that I was able to hold well while taking small breaks