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Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #8

The last race of the season, the last chance to compete in 2018, the last Warrior race, the finals, the final stretch. This was a really long season and I was so excited to race, my build up to the

Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Skyrun 2018

#Hellofarun Anyone who has done the SkyRun will know the infamous status “The Wall” has. It is a 500m ascent and descent linking the Balloch valley to the Wartrail valley, and it is BRUTAL. Due to service delivery strikes in

Race Report: Chrissie Viljoen – Eden Triathlon Race – Sprint

After taking off some time after World Champs, it was a great way to get going again by taking part in the Eden Triathlon race at Faery Knowe this weekend.  The free breakfast included with the race entry swayed me

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Nissan Trailseeker #5

I was so excited to race I woke up an hour earlier this morning than I was supposed to. I did that last minute race prep and I was on my way. With some great music getting me ready for

Race Report: Louis Smit – Spartan Kings-Kloof

The Spartan Race has finally come to South Africa and was way different than I expected, new events always have a few issues to sort out but they were fairly on the ball here, the race markings were great and

Race Report: Ruth, Calen, Antonie, Jonathan – Kinetic Full Moon #3- Drakensberg

Keyhealth Nevarest Junior- Antonie Joubert, Calen Hastie, Ruth Avierinos, Jonathan Ham The third and final Full moon adventure race was held on the 27-28th October at the Qwantani resort, bordering the beautiful Sterkfontein dam. With clear waters, open skies and