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Race Report: Team Nevarest Jabberwock – Kinetic Adventure

The Emmarentia race was the 2nd race in the Kintetic Sprint AR series, and as we learned from the previous race, this year’s competition had definitely stepped up a notch, or 3. Ruan and I arrived at Emmarentia to a

Nevarest Jabberwock: Racing off the back foot

Winning a +500km World Series Adventure Race attended by almost 40 teams, of which half is international, takes some serious preparation, focus, and dedication. Not much space for joking around, socializing or mistakes.  So when you start your race well

Ruan van der Merwe – 3 Cranes

The 3 Seasons Run by Ruan Van Der Merwe on March 01, 2017 From time-out zones & mudslides, to canopy tours & scorching heat, this WildSeries 3 Cranes event has it all! Getting all the seasons over 3 days and 100km course running