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Race Report: Louis Smit – Jokes Aside 8Hour Endurance

What a great event, didn’t know what my body was capable of until this event opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have been wanting to do something similar to this event for a while now, especially after some inspiring

Race Report: Malcolm & Jaco – USN MTB Cup & Kinetic Sprint series #2 Emmarentia

USN MTB Cup – Malcolm Dunkeld Heading to the start line of the USN MTB Cup #4 race held at Red Barn I was, unfortunately, a bit on the back foot. Two days before the race started, I felt the

My top 5 weight room exercises for leg strength and speed – Louis Smit

So its winter now and I believe that some athletes might find it hard to go running in the cold which means that more training would be done indoors, but don’t worry as there is a lot of benefits to

To Race or Not to Race?

Let me tell you what’s been going on this week. First of all, I just came back from the Afriski trip in Lesotho where we raced at an altitude of about 3200metres above sea level, with icy conditions and crazy

Race Report: Louis Smit – Warrior #4

Day 1 – Sprint race The first day of the warrior race used to be very relaxed as I would always have a good look at some of the obstacles and then come up with a proper game plan for

Race Report: Louis Smit – GI JOE 2

Snowy Owl Clash 6-7 Mei 2017 Day 1. I had entered for both the 12km OCR, and the Commander challenge as they would be split into two days. The Saturday morning I didn’t feel too well as I was fighting