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Race Report: Joshua de Jager – Warrior 8

The race started at a quick pace that I was able to stick with. The first few hills took their toll on me but I then found my pace that I was able to hold well while taking small breaks

Race Reports: Joshua de Jager – Warrior #3

It was a cool morning at van galens but I felt good, as we started we immediately got sent into the river, about halfway through I stepped between two rocks and hurt my ankle, I kept going. Throughout the race,

Joshua de Jager – Warrior #2

The race started with a very fast pace and I was able to keep up until the second obstacle. After that I stuck to my own pace and I was able to break away from the main group yet still

Joshua de Jager – Warrior #1

I started the race with a bit of a slow start up the steep hill yet the first few obstacles I completed very quickly. The Mud monster was my achilles heel in this race, but as it was the 5th