Alec Avierinos – Warrior #1

The event was held on 25th & 26th of February 2017. There were a great turnout of families and schools, and the weather played along very well. The roaring Vaal river at Stonehenge played its part in the beautiful surroundings and setting the stage for adventure.
At the start line you could feel the excitement of the children buzzing as the uncertainty of the
coming obstacles arose. The tension was eased by a few jive moves, lead by Willem, before they declared to anyone listening that they are the Warrior Kids.
A few shoes were lost at the first obstacle already and just like children are, they continued with the race just to stop every few meters to remove the thorns preventing them from running like a true warrior. The younger competitors were accompanied by their parents or teachers (some were
forced to complete certain obstacles which provided lots of amusement). A total of 294 participants received a medal and a t-shirt after completing the race.
Except from the thorns, no injuries were obtained during the race. It was remarkable how
comfortable the children appeared while scaling the obstacles; the same obstacles that left the older competitors sweating.
The 3km route at Stonehenge (extending to Sunwa) had 19 obstacles challenging strength, agility, accuracy and flexibility. There was a strong sense of cooperation between the team members within the older participants, but lacking a bit in youngsters.
The race delivered a thrill to the adventurous heart, and could only take place due to a very
generous sponsorship from North West Tourism.
It was an event that enjoyed a lot of positive feedback and which the participants would like to be repeated.