KeyHealth Nevarest Team Toyota

The Nevarest Team is now over a decade old! From humble beginnings to a beast team that has started to make its mark on the Adventure Racing sphere in South Africa, we, like our names, never stop pushing the boundaries of what we can do.

The Nevarest Team started out as a family initiative way back in 2005. Alec Avierinos and his kids formed the team, which grew into a proper amateur team by 2010. The Nevarest Team’s focus has always been Adventure Racing (AR); anything with a thrill that can be done competitively, of course! From mountain biking to canoeing, to trail running, to obstacle course racing (OCR) and multi-sport events, we love to push ourselves in a multitude of ways.

Our OCR addiction started around the end of 2013 and has only grown since, with team members in most OCR races around the country.

The Nevarest Team’s focus for 2016 will be on training and encouraging up-and-coming Junior athletes while continuing to mentor and train our Elite and experienced athletes. The Nevarest team is a group of people brought together by our love for adrenaline and sport, and we’re always looking for the next mountain to climb, or the next trail to conquer. So follow us on our quest for adventure around South Africa.