Team OCR

Jabberwock conquers India

Expedition India was a tough, grueling, and mentally challenging race. With Skylotec leading the entire race, up until the very last trekking leg. During this leg, they decided to sleep in a sheltered homestay near CP13, during this time, Jabberwock

Race Report: Willem Erasmus – Marine OCR

This weekend was the Winter Break version of the Marine OCR near Bloemfontein. Although still in the final stage of rehab after a lengthy injury layoff, the wife and I decided to give the Marine OCR a go and see

Race Report: Calen Hastie – Fullmoon

Straight off the bat, I would just like to say that this was the toughest physical event I have ever done in my racing career.  This is owing to the fact that I had not been doing these types of

Race Report: Jonathan Ham – Fullmoon

Wow… that was awesome! I’d forgotten what fun there is to be had during a proper adventure race, from being thrust down the rapids right after the start to watching the moon rise during the 56km cycling leg- this was

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – The Beast #11 Challenge

I had such a good time taking part in the Savage race this past weekend. We started off with some of the fast/slow lane obstacles right at the beginning of the race which got me excited to get to all

Race Report: Janneke Leask – Kinetic Sprint

It started off fast and pretty much stayed this way for the entire race. We were running with team Gooi mielies but managed to snap the bungee cord on the bike, having them catch up a bit after a little