Team OCR

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Warrior #1

The race was flat and fast, I kept the running smooth and steady as my Hamstring was not ready for me to push the pace just yet. Iron rig was the only obstacle that was a challenge and I was

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Smuts Trail Run

The day after a Warrior is not the day you are likely to run a PB. Rhona invited me to run with her and I tried really hard to, after about 3km I decided to apologize and ran off into

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Warrior Race #2

Love this race as it is a lap race and you get to do all the Obstacles twice including Iron Rig which had me worried, I made it with relative ease twice, had a harder time getting out of mud

Race Report: Emily Clarke – 3222 Stage Trail Run

The 3222 Challenge organized and hosted by Trail Adventure at the stunning Afriski Mountain Resort in Lesotho was a breath-taking initiation into a couple of new territories for me. The two-day stage race got my engine to defy science in

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – 3222 Stage Trail Run

What an awesome race, please add this on your list of races you must do next year, it is set for the end of Feb 2020! This race has it all 3222m above sea level, Big mountain, spectacular views, technical

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Wildseries Three Cranes Challenge 2019

My first major trail race of the year was quite a spur of the moment idea as I entered a few hours before entries closed after Ruan van der Merwe convinced me to do Three Cranes. Still my preparation for