Team OCR

Race Report: Michelle Meyer – Warrior #2

What a fantastic effort from The Warrior Race in managing to redesign a whole race due to the weather messing up their original course. It was unfortunate that the biggest obstacle of the black-ops race, Breaking Point, was on the

Race Report: Ruth Avierinos – Warrior #2

What an incredible weekend. The excitement for this particular race, had been building since they told us that we would be going to race in Bloemfontein. I was really looking forward to being able to explore, another province of our

Race Report: Alec Avierinos – Warrior #2

My week leading up to the race included no running a visit to an MRI scan on my Achilles, an injection, plenty discomfort and instructions only to race if it felt ok. Ok is a relative term, I raced or

Race Report: Greg Avierinos – Fearsome Four | Eden Extreme 21km 21km

I used this race as a training race for the up and coming 3 Cranes Trail run, with that being said I had to get the legs tired and Saturdays long run did just that!! I believe that to a

Race Report: Louis Smit – GI Joe Charity Event

This year’s GI JOE charity event was a lot different than the previous years of doing this race, usually, it’s just a 12km lap with 52 obstacles run at an easy pace for fun and enjoyment. I asked Werner Stoltz

Race Report: Calen Hastie – Warrior #1

The start of this year’s racing brought us back to Riversands, the same venue as the previous Warrior nationals had taken place. The course was fairly the same with no major differences. This helped us as athletes to compare our