Team OCR

Race Report: Jonathan Ham – A1 Gariep Dam

My 31 hour study break The Gariep Dam A1 adventure race was one which I had been looking forward to for quite some time. In fact, since our previous race in Swaziland I was anxious to get a chance to

Race Report: Michael Joubert – Castle Lite A1 Adventure Race 30h at Gariep Dam

The second race in the A1 series was hosted by the Castle Lite guys Adrian Saffy and co. The race had a predicted finish time of just sub 30 hours for the leading teams. With 180km of mountain biking, 48km

Bennie Roux – Fish River Canyon Ultra 100km

The Fish River Canyon in the South of Namibia is the second largest in the world and the largest in Africa, in places it is 27kms wide and up to 550m deep in total it is over 160km long. Fish

Race Report: Jacques Buys – Rooiberg FRESHtive stage race

Rooiberg situated 50km west of Bela-Bela played host to the Freshtive ultra and stage trailrun. Day 1 set off with the 44km race starting in the center of town with about a 3km neutral zone regulated by a donkey cart

Defending his World Title

On top of the World The defending World Champion, Alec Avierinos, has been putting in some very hard and focused training over the past few months, and now the time has finally arrived for him to pack his bags and

Race Report: Malcolm Dunkeld – Race to the Sun

Any race that is 100 miles will always be a challenge. Despite the relatively “easy” route of the 167km race to Sun City from Hartebeespoort dam, the race was by no means easy.   The route consisted of fast dirt

Race Report: Bennie Roux – Mac Mac Ultra 50 Miler

My MacMac 100 miler was unfortunately hi-jacked by the Ultra Gobi, as the recovery from running a 100 miles would just take too long and I really want to be in top shape for the Gobi. So I downgraded to

Race Report: Louis Smit – Spartan Sprint [Golden Harvest]

The first Spartan event of 2019 has come and gone and to be honest I am pleasantly surprized due to what happened last year. This time round everything was just great the race was well organized, amazing obstacles, great water